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Electric Lunch Box

Electric Lunch Box

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This Electric Lunch Box is made of food grade PP material and which is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, so it is good to health.

  •  Buy Best Electric lunch box for Office online at Cheap Price in india. You Can Purchase to lunch box with Low Price at Ajatva Store.
  • Separate removable container, heat resistant carry handle, compact, lightweight design.
  • Additional soup tray with lid included. Durable & easy to clean Air vent keeps food fresh.

The 1.3L capacity Bear electric lunch box, which is sold on the Bear Official Store, also includes an 80ml measuring cup, a pressure seal cover to prevent steam inside the top and the bowls, a removable plug, and two metal bowl layers for your food. I'm glad to have this measuring cup so I don't have to guess which ingredient I'm using.

Now Available For Best lunch box For Office In ajatva Online Store. I'll be measuring the ingredients for the recipes for the electric lunchboxes down below using this measuring cup. The Bear Lunch box simple one-button design is one of my favorite USPs.

Simply set the metal trays (filled with food, of course) in the base of the electric lunch box. The pressure seal cover, and then secure the lid of the Tiffin lunch box. Turn it on, press the button, and presto! Your food will start steaming right away thanks to the strong steamer inside the lunch box.

It's crucial to measure the water you intend to add using the accompanying measuring cup because steaming stops when the Electric lunch box runs out of water. One cup (80ml) is a suitable measurement because it equals roughly 15 to 20 minutes of steaming. 


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