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Home Fast Mist Water Bottles, Spray Water Bottle for Kids, Leak Proof,

Home Fast Mist Water Bottles, Spray Water Bottle for Kids, Leak Proof,

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Brand ajatva
Colour Multicolor
Material Polypropylene


1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying hydrated. Aqua keeps your eyes, mouth, and nose moistened and supports your body's cell structure and metabolism. This keeps you feeling fresh all day. Our water bottle is a phthalate- and BPA-free product that is kind to the environment.

2. the "ALL in One" Setting a new bar for hydration, the 2 in 1 Spray Bottle mists and drinks.

3. Intuitive Design You can carry it everywhere thanks to its standard size and practical design, and its wide-mouth shape makes it simple to clean and add ice cubes. To prevent the cap from getting misplaced and to make it possible to hang it up, there is a strap that holds the bottle and cap together.

4. Use it in a classy manner. Simply spray your face to instantly feel fresh and moisturised whether you are perspiring or dehydrated. When you are tired or sleepy, fill the bottle with icy cool water and spray it to keep yourself awake and energized Kids will also like playing with their friends and spraying their trash plants with it.


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