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Swifty Sharp Cordless Motorized Tool Blade Multifunction Sharpener

Swifty Sharp Cordless Motorized Tool Blade Multifunction Sharpener

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1. The Incredible Motorized Knife Sharpener Sharpen knives like a pro with Swiftly Sharp, As Seen on TV.

2. This easy-to-use cordless sharpener features a built-in guide to hold your blades at the perfect angle.

3. A professional-grade mineral sharpening wheel and two-stage system restores a razor-sharp edge in just seconds. Use it on knives, precision hand tools, scissors and even larger household tools.

4. A Safe & Effective Knife Sharpening System Why put up with the time, hassle and expense of taking your knives to be professionally serviced And why risk damaging your blades with a manual sharpening stone, ceramic rod sharpener or sharpening steel Swiftly Sharp lets you easily restore your dull knives.

5. Just press the power button, insert the blade in the guide and slide.


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