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Rose diamond table lamp

Rose diamond table lamp

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Colour MULTI
Product Dimensions 8.5D x 8.5W x 24H Centimeters
Material Acrylic
Power and Plug Description Battery Powered
Shape Diamond

  • Rose diamond table lamp

    rose diamond table lamp USB charging touch lamp
     , Contact Control Bedside Light with USB Port, 16 Variety Changing Innovative Heartfelt Rose Acrylic Drove Light for Room Lounge, Children Room, School Quarters, Office Rose Gem Jewel Rose diamond table lamp touch  The new idea gem table light is at a basic and trendy present day experience. Utilizing 3D innovation, light and shadow are interwoven, and a layer of roses of light. Make the environmental factors or of the jewel encompassing light brimming with boundless sentiment. 

    There are 6 degrees of change from dull to splendid. You can openly pick the fitting light brightness.

    The touch switch configuration is of the cozy and helpful, and the light is sensitive, agreeable and normal, which safeguards the strength of you and your loved ones. Accuracy Craftsmanship and The acrylic rose table light has a smooth appearance.

    The jewels cut from the square cluster mirror the shining roses of the precious stones,or  show the beguiling light and shadow impact, lavish and liberal. Super Battery Duration Long battery duration and helpful charging. Accompanies USB charging, charging for 1-3 hours, lighting for 10-12 hours, it is exceptionally advantageous to charge through the USB port.

    Use : 

    In addition, it could likewise be utilized for Setting up and camp, bar-b-que, Crisis Circumstances, and other Lighting Needs.

    Great Gifts and Beautifying Uses and The Rose crystal diamond table lamp makes a heartfelt air, which is entirely reasonable as a gift for your accomplice, family, and companions.

    This bedside Diamond table lamp table light is likewise entirely reasonable for rooms, parlors, lounge areas, study rooms, Christmas stylistic themes, make rooms, passageways, wardrobes, inns, workplaces, and so on.


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